Columbia, SC resident Doni Jordan participates in the Dream Rocket Project

Artist Doni Jordan

Columbia, SC artist Doni Jordan is participating in the Dream Rocket Project, a global collaborative initiative that aims to connect art and education. A 37 story tall Saturn V Rocket replica, which stands at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama will be wrapped with 2′ x 2′ panels created by students, teachers and individuals next spring to coincide with the 50th anniversary of JFK’s lofty challenge of “landing a man on the moon and returning him safely  to earth.” Professor Jennifer Marsh, founder of the Dream Rocket project, hopes to inspire individuals all over the World not only to dream, but also to recognize their power to pursue their dreams.  She believes, “The  Saturn  V  Moon  Rocket  is  an  inspiring  and  tangible  reminder  that  when people  work  together  through  collaboration,  any  challenge  can  be  met,  any mission  can  be  accomplished,  and  any  dream  can  come  true.”  

The @ symbol is known and identified worldwide.

The wrapping of the Saturn V Rocket will occur during May and June 2011 but the art panels are currently touring the nation. Jordan’s panel, titled @ will be included in an exhibition at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library in San Jose, CA from January 1, 2011-March 1, 2011. Trained as a graphic designer, Jordan has long  had a passion for symbols, punctuation and typography. She chose one single ancient symbol, “@,” which literally means “at,” but which she reinterpreted to mean “all inclusive” for her panel. Jordan dreams of a world which is all inclusive of others… one that accepts and celebrates our differences. The @ symbol is known and identified worldwide, also being “all inclusive.”

 As Jordan researched the meaning of the @ symbol, she learned that the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City recently acquired the @ symbol into its Department of Architecture and Design collection. The museum “dreamed big” and determined that “the physical possession of an object as a requirement for an acquisition is no longer necessary, and therefore it sets curators free to tag the world.” Because the @ symbol is in the public realm, it is free to all so this communication tool has become the most priceless object in MoMA’s collection.

 Knowing that she wanted to create a fiber art solution for the project, Jordan selected a double-sided weather resistant fabric. The green fabric signifies growth and hope for the future. Black stitches were used to increase visibility while viewing the Saturn V rocket panel from below. Believing that words are equally as important as symbols, she also included the title of the project, the city and state where it will be unveiled, the year and her name, hometown and state in the design of the panel.

 After completing the concept and design, EmbroidMe, an Irmo, SC based embroidery business, stitched the 2’ x 2’ panel. A normal embroidery logo project uses 8,000-10,000 stitches. The @ symbol for the Dream Rocket Project required 77,953 stitches, each stitch signifying the masses of people in our world.

Visit the Dream Rocket Project website for more information on the project and Jordan’s panel.

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The Artist’s Guide to Grantwriting

The survival guide for how to win funding for your artistic endeavors is rolling into bookstores in eight days from Watson-Guptill.

Stuffed with advice, anecdotes, and strategies gleaned from dozens of interviews with artists, fundraisers, and grant decision makers, The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing is designed to help you navigate the competitive world of artist funding. The S.C. Arts Commission’s own Ken May is even quoted in the chapter about budgets!

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Fractured Atlas offers affordable insurance policies to artists

As an arts service organization, Fractured Atlas provides its members in the arts and creative industries with a wide range of insurance policies, including Event Liability and Artwork Coverage. Thanks to the combined purchasing power of the Fractured Atlas community, they’re able to provide their members with high-quality insurance policies for substantially lower rates than would otherwise be available.

Visit the Fractured Atlas website for a complete list of available policies.

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Report identifies the traits of successful entrepreneurs

The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute, an intellectual resource devoted to better understanding America’s small business owners, has determined that most small business owners who do well share the same six personality traits.  Topping the list is the ability to collaborate; those who can delegate and build strong relationships with their cohorts are more likely to click with customers.

We think that these attributes closely mirror those found in the successful artist-entrepreneur.  Check out the report, entitled Six Dimensions That Characterize Success – Oriented Small Business Owners: do you recognize facets of yourself among the 6 main characteristics?

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American creativity scores decline

Have you noticed that creativity seems to be waning in your schools or community? According to a recent Newsweek article, creativity is declining across the country.  Although American creativity scores had been consistently rising in tandem with IQ scores, creativity scores started to dip after 1990.  Enriched environments are making kids smarter, but creativity scores are down, especially for children aged kindergarten through sixth grade.

It’s too early to determine conclusively why U.S. creativity scores are declining. One likely culprit is a lack of creativity development in our schools. Are you involved in any programs that help to enrich the creative lives of children?  Let us know!

To read the entire article, visit the Newsweek website.

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Living room venues bring art home

Audiences are taking entertainment options into their own hands – and offering them in their own homes.  While living room concerts have been a long-standing tradition in folk music, these mini-gatherings are gaining popularity across all musical genres and artistic disciplines.

We know a few of these have been sprouting up across the state; have you been a performer or audience member?  Let us know!  If you haven’t, why don’t you plan a concert in your garage or put on a play in your backyard?  And, you know, let us know about that, too!

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Matthews wins First Novel Prize

The S.C. Arts Commission and its literary partners have named William P. “Matt” Matthews of Greer the winner of the 2010 South Carolina First Novel Prize. Matthews receives the opportunity to have his novel, Mercy Creek, published by the Hub City Press, an award-winning independent press in Spartanburg. Learn more about Matthews and the First Novel Competition.

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